Re: separator and disable item in GtkTreeView

Liu Neo-W4135C said:
> hi, all
> 2 questions:
> 1)is there a way to insert a seperator in the GtkTreeView, like . if
> no, will it be included in the coming feature and when?
> on line friends -- separator, left alignment with icon column
> icon1  anderson
> icon2  smith
> off line friends -- separator
> icon1  oracle
> icon2  tank

I'm not sure about the separator (I guess I'm not sure what you mean:
perhaps clarify?), but from what you are trying to do, perhaps the same
thing would be possible (and easy) simply by using two GtkTreeView's (and
two tree models), and having the "online friends" bit be a label above
each GtkTreeView.
> ln


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