RE: separator and disable item in GtkTreeView

I hava a brief browse of the GtkFileChooserDefault in 2.3.1( so correct me if I'm wrong ). 
I think the 1) the seperator is still in the specified column, not extend to the whole item. So I still can't do like below

Recently used---this is an seperator and left alignment in the whole item, not the column
Icon 1, pixbuf1, text1
Inco 2, pixbuf2, text2
Seldom usde--this is an seperator
Icon3, pixubf3, text3

2)the way to make seperator not selected give me a hint to implement the enable/disable item. However, I don't whether there is a way to make the UI different, such as enabled item in normal state, disabled item in disable state such as grey foreground.

Thanks and best regards,

Liu, Nian
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On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 20:30, Liu Neo-W4135C wrote:
> 1)is there a way to insert a seperator in the GtkTreeView, like . if 
> no, will it be included in the coming feature and when? 2)is it 
> possibel to disable an item, and once navigate in the view, focuse 
> will not on the item and switch between above and below one?

GtkFileChooserDefault has a cute hack to do these.  It creates a custom cell renderer that proxies to a text item, or draws a separator line. 
It also installs a callback function for selection so that you cannot select the separator row.


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