Re: unmodified accelerators and _gtk_window_activate_key()


 - In order to change the order of key press processing, you
   need to figure out how that relates to the XEMBED protocol,
   or Plug/Socket won't work correctly.

 - The single letter rule seems rather arbitrary to me.

 - Having behavior different in different apps seems 
   highly confusing to the user. (Re: your b) solution
   of allowing the user to replace the key press
   handler with one with a different ordering.) 

 - Your proposed changes don't appeal to me much, because
   they fix your problem, while still leaving us having 
   to answer everybody else's complaints in this area
   (these are:

    - emacs keybindings don't really work because they
      conflict with the normnal accelerator space.
    - there are considerable problems with input methods
      that have keybindings that conflict with the 
      normal accelerator space.

I'd be really, really inclined not to make any changes here
before 2.4... 


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