glib patches

Hi Tim,

there are a number of patches on the 2.4 API freeze milestone for GLib
in bugzilla which are more or less blocking on feedback from you. It
would be great if you could comment on these:

65041 _get_type() functions aren't thread safe
      has a patch which adds g_type_register_once(), using the new
      GOnce facilities for threadsafe one-shots

101426 GScanner is very slow with big files
      no api involved here, just optimization

73207 gtk_accel_map_lock_path()
      this is actually GTK, but since you wrote the accel map stuff,
      maybe you want to comment on this one as well. It adds the ability
      to lock individual paths.

110528 collecting value arrays is inconvenient
      you already agreed to adding a boxed type for null-terminated 
      string arrays, I'm mainly looking for naming advice here, since
      "GStrv" is a bit ugly. Also, the bug contains a discussion 
      regarding generic array marshalling where a response from you
      would be appreciated.

121386 glib-mkenums: Allow override of lowercase-ization for _get_type()
      I think you should read the patch again, since it provides exactly
      what you request in your comment.



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