DnD seems to be insensitive on Win32.


I've compiled the latest CVS HEAD of GLib, ATK, Pango and GTK+ on Win32 and
everything seems to work fine except the DnD. The DnD test program just
seems to have absolutely no effect, that's all. There's no crash, no warning
gets printed, nothing suspicious to suggest any major problem. I've also
compiled the latest CVS HEAD of Gimp, and the dockable dialog feature of the
new Gimp also seems to be completely insensitive (again no crash, no
warning, nothing troublesome).

So, I'm curisous to know if anyone else has experienced this. I'm using
mingw-gcc-3.2.3 and the cygwin environment on a Windows XP machine to build
all this. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something else.


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