Re: why robust --prefix=/any install is important

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 12:22, Yotam Medini wrote:
>   The fact, that developing version of Gtk+ cannot be easily built
>   without interfering with existing system, limits the debugging effort
>   to those familiar with the details of build configuration.

Umm, I maintain 2 different builds of gtk all the time.  One is the main
binary install, and the other is a special debug build, installed to
/usr/debug.  All gtk build problems pretty much come down to 2 things:
1. Not setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to point to the new location
of your libraries. 2. Not setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable to pick
up the .pc files from the desired prefix path.  If you do those 2
things, I can guaranty you that you won't have any build problems and
that you will indeed be able to have multiple versions of gtk coexist
peacefully.  You do, however, need to be familiar with how the compiler,
linker, and dynamic loader all work and where they look for their
headers and libraries.

In summary.  The build process of gtk is about as robust as it comes.  I
build multiple versions that coexist and build for other platforms from
my x86 box.  You simply can't make it much easier.  the jhbuild product
that  was mentioned previously automates things and ensures that the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH variables get set correctly.


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