Re: Fixed height GtkTreeViews

> Any app showing text could cause problems. For instance, if there is
> text with e.g. japanese characters or something else with taller glyphs
> somewhere in the list these would be cut off.
> Enabling this by default will make us look ugly and buggy every time
> this happens, and I think small lists are much more common than huge
> ones, so the default performance really isn't that important.

I could have sworn I sent this last night, but here goes again.
Wouldn't it be possible to have a fixed height only for rows that aren't
currently visible? (Or visible rows + X rows on either side?)  That way
the list looks correct, we get entirely correct behavior for smaller
lists, but the larger the list the more rows use the faster "fixed
height" so really large lists work as well?  Perhaps use the average
height of the "true height" rows as the fixed height? What am I missing

Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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