RE: #101293, again

> > > The reasons
> > > are plainly 
> > > > stated in Cooper's About Face 2.0.
> > 
> > Lots of us have this book, so an actual section number would be 
> > interesting.
> Chapter 31: Dialog Etiquette
>   Terminating Commands for Modal Dialogs
>     The Close Box  pg. 415

Thanks, I've never really known what you were going on about before I read

So, I think the point of not having WM-close-buttons  is:
- If the dialog has a cancel button, the user expects it to do the same as
the cancel button.
- If the dialog just has a close button (e.g. an instant-apply dialog, maybe
with a revert button), he'll probably expect it to cancel as well, but
there's no such feature.
So it's best not to have the button at all and avoid the confusion.

Note: That section only deals with modal dialogs. I'm not sure why it would
apply only to modal dialogs, and I'm not sure exactly what Gregory's
position is because I seem to have losts half of this thread.

[1] Also known as "close boxes" - the close button on the window's title
bar, which often looks like this: [X].

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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