Re: gdk_event_new

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 02:26, Liu Neo-W4135C wrote:
> then, my question. gtk2.2.x has a function gdk_event_new which isn't
> exist in gtk2.0.x. so if i want to new a GdkEvent with 2.0.x, what
> should i do?

Just allocate a GdkEvent structure and fill it in.

The reason to have gdk_event_new() is that 2.2 supports multiple
screens, and the screen field of the event is in a private part of the
structure.  2.0 doesn't have this, so it's okay to allocate your own
event structures.

It is really uncommon to have to create your own event structures,
though; what is your program doing?


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