GtkFileChooser & folder_mode

I just got around to playing around with the development version of Gtk,
and noticed some strangeness in the way GtkFileChooser handles selecting
items.  In the list on the left, which I see as something like Common
Places or Bookmarks or something, I have to double click to activate an
item.  And in the list on the right, while folder_mode is false, I have
to double click to navigate to a folder or select/activate a file.  But,
if the list on the right is in folder_mode is true, I only have to
single click to open a folder.  This is very confusing.  I'm not at all
accustomed to a single click activating an item in a list like that.  
Perhaps this could be changed?  Or at least addressed and the reasons
for the current behavior explained.


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