RE: Making GtkMenuMerge nice to demo

Just a few thoughts...

> > struct GtkRadioActionEntry 
> > {
> >   gchar *name;
> >   gchar *stock_id;
> I omitted stock_id intentionally because I couldn't think of 
> a use, but
> I just thought of the obvious counter-example in the standard GTK+
> stock items. And I guess adding new stock items is currently what
> we're recommending if you want custom icons for your menu items / 
> toolbar items. So, let's keep it in.

Something that I found difficult and uneasy to do with the GtkItemFactory
stuff was setting custom icons.

Could we have something like:

	GdkPixbuf *image;

Would stock_id when set to something like the preferences stock id, change
the icon and the text or just the icon? Some times, Programmers want to put
their owne text with a stock item icon.  - Just something to consider

> >   gchar *label;
> >   gchar *accelerator;
> >   gchar *tooltip;
> > 
> >   guint  value; 

Also can we make menu items that are separators more obvious? Perhaps

	gboolean *separator;


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