Re: Integrating EggMenu code into GTK+

Am Sam, 2003-08-23 um 17.41 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 17:27, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > I've noticed that a number of things are currently not possible with 
> > GtkMenuMerge/GtkAction:
> > 
> > - add tearoff menuitems
> > - make toolbars detachable
> > 
> > For these two, we can probably get away with a global setting.
> I don't think detachable toolbars make sense until we get a
> real dock widget in GTK+ ... GtkHandleBox isn't good enough to
> make the feature worthwhile. And I also don't really see the
> connection to GtkMenuMerge for detachable menu bars -- it seems
> to be a question of where you put the created toolbars, not
> of the created toolbars themselves.

Thats a good point. Lets forget detachable then. Having a
menus_have_tearoffs property on GtkMenuMerge and a setting to set it
from still makes sense, I'd say. It's implementation is slightly
complicated by the fact that we probably don't want to make popups
tearoffable, but there is no separate node type for popups vs regular

> > - set misc toolitem properties: homogeneous, expand, pack_end,
> >   visible_horizontal, visible_vertical, important
> > 
> > If we want to support these, we should probably expand the parser to
> > accept these as attributes of <toolitem> elements. 
> How many of these are useful for buttons? Most of these seem to
> be mostly relevant to inserting random controls into a toolbar.

I think only important is important. But speaking about random controls,
bonoboui supports this via <control> and
bonobo_ui_component_widget_set(). Do we need something similar ?

One more question: I've just fixed the popup support in GtkMenuMerge and
I wonder whether I should emit "add_widget" for popup menus ? Currently,
you have to call gtk_menu_merge_get_widget (merge, "/popups/my-popup")
to get at the constructed menu.

I'm going to commit this stuff now. 


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