2.2.3 [Re: Multiple monitor support on Windows]

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 02:49, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> I have now committed code for multiple-monitor support. There are
> still some problems, though, menus and tooltips don't always get
> poisitioned correctly if you have a monitor to the left/above of your
> primary monitor. 

If you find problems with the libgtk code, please bring them up.
I don't want us to have to work around libgtk bugs in the 
GDK backends.

> (Windows has a "primary monitor" concept, Xinerama
> doesn't.) I don't think it's any fundamental issue, and hope I'll be
> able to sort it out tonight. (What's the timetable for 2.2.3?)

I'm thinking next Wednesday or so; I've been going through bugs
over the last few days. If you wanted to assign milestones for
newly opened Win32 bugs, that could be useful. 

(As always, I don't care much *which* milestone they get assigned to, or
whether the assignment is correct, as long there is some milestone
for every bug that has been looked at at all, and we fix or move all
2.2.3 milestoned bugs before we do 2.2.3)


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