Keep Form/Window/Dialog inside Screenbounds


I have just opened this 'bug' on regarding to
the stuff written in the Subject of this Mail.

Have you ever noticed the problem when using The GIMP in an productive
environment (e.g. JOE USER at home) that when opening multiple Forms
(Dialog or Window) that after some time The GIMP moves these Forms
outside the boundaries of the Physical Screen ?

I know that a Windowmanager is responsible for managing these things
correctly but from the past programming Motif I recall that the
Widgetset is also able to override the Windowmanager. And I think this
is the exact case here with GTK+ too because I saw this behaviour with
Metacity, Sawfish and KWin. Also various GNOME applications behave the
same way and this leads to the conclusion that reporting this to GTK+
was the right decision.

In my opinion this is highly annoying if you expect a Form to pop up so
you can access every child of this Form in a visible Physical Screen.
Having Forms popping up half outside of the Physical Screen can be
really annoying over the time. Specially if you deal with multi
Form-opening Applications such as The GIMP.

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