Re: About dialog api

On Sat, 2003-04-26 at 16:40, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The issue here is just whether the convenience function about dialog
> should be global or per-toplevel. I don't actually see the harm in
> opening two about dialogs if you have two separate toplevels with an
> About menu item, and having each about dialog transient for its
> toplevel. What is the problem with that?

I've always seen having one application opening two about dialogs that
are the same as being sloppy.
As far as I remember there was an ancient gnome application development
doc that said it was a bad thing to do.

> The reason this is better than a global is that you may want to have
> multiple kinds of toplevel with different About entries in the same
> app.

Surely you can still do that with gtk_about_new?

> A simple solution to the whole controversy though: keep a global about
> dialog if you pass in NULL for the toplevel to the convenience
> function - useful anyhow since some apps such as applets may not have
> toplevels.

Would be a good idea, but I don't know. having gtk_about_new and
gtk_about_show which creates its own widget seems confusing to me (even
now that I'm not quite so tired...). It doesn't even follow the standard
gtk convention of the first parameter is the widget to work on. Are
there any other widget functions (besides the gtk_*_new functions) that
do this?

Why can't gtk_about_new take all the extra options?

> Of course, passing in NULL would still be wrong if you *do* have a
> toplevel, since transient for would not get set.

But seeing as you can't have one window being transient for multiple
windows, you're never going to get it right if you do it by hand either.

Is there a technical reason why one window can't be transient for more
than one toplevel?

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