Re: Say goodbye to core X fonts

Le mar 15/04/2003 à 07:59, Owen Taylor a écrit :
> I'm just about ready to delete the pangox backend from the HEAD
> branch of Pango.
> To reiterate the reasons:
>  - With Xft2, there is no good reason that anybody should need
>    to use core X fonts rather than Xft.
>    - Xft2 and current versions of FreeType can access bitmap
>      fonts in BDF or PCF format.

Well, currently, in Mdk 9.1, I have to disable Xft2 backend for the
following locales otherwise we have really ugly rendering : el, ka, ar,
ur, fa (we lack georgian, greek, arabic scalable fonts) and yi (the
provided hebrew Type1 fonts are bugged, don't work in Xft)

Are we sure we can have similar (or better) rendering with Xft2 backend

I'm not a font/i18n specialist, so I cc: pablo, our Mdk i18n expert :))

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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