Re: (maybe a)Bug in GtkOptionMenu & GtkMenu & GtkMenuItem


i've gtk_object_set_data with key "somekeyvalue" to GtkMenuItem *item
and later used gtk_object_get_data(item, "somekeyvalue") to solve the
problem. But this is not
related with why below problem exists.

Evrim ULU wrote:

Problem description:

After i set the history via gtk_option_menu_set_history() or
menu_set_active(), i
try to get the label of the item. But, GtkWidget *child =
return NULL. When i debug it, i saw that item->child is 0x0 mean NULL.

If i do not set the history/active item, my label gatherer func returns
me correctly
the *first* item's string. Moreover, when i manually changed the active
item->child is set to 0x0 again.

I think there is bug in these funcs but i dunno in which. It is maybe
related to
bug no:66969 but i'm not sure.

I've also tried to set menu after setting the menu history(menu_set_active)
but nothing changed.

As far as i know, this was working in gtk+1.2.

Using Gtk 2.2.1 btw.

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