RE: About dialog API

> Also, I have thought of a few properties not yet mentioned.  I use GTK to
> write commercial applications, and the things that are important on the
> about box, are:
> 	* license name
> 	* license / serial number
> 	* company  
> 	* company logo
> So already, you have two logos and another three options.  If this was
> added
> to ONE call of gtk_about_dialog_show() it would definitely be a lot to
> remember.
> The idea of two logo's is important.  Perhaps you may want more than two?
> I
> see this being used in applications which may adhere to one or more
> standards and want those logos on their about box.  But primarily, two
> logos
> would be important for the company that wrote the software to put their
> image on the about box and an image for the customer's logo (similar to
> how
> Internet Explorer allows ISP's to have their logos on distributions).

Hmm, maybe About dialogs for commercial products are a bit different from
GnomeAbout currently provides ? I have never seen this form of individual
in about boxes of commercial products, but the secondary "Credits" dialog is
with the current GnomeAbout.

> Also, until recently, my about box had a title of "About".  This was
> pulled
> up and it was changed to "About <appname>".  Would we expect the developer
> to get the window and set the title themselves or have this as a parameter
> /
> API call?

The current code already produces "About <appname>", where appname is taken
from the
appname provided in the _show() call, falling back to


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