Re: GEP 6: Toolbar

Hi Seth,

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 03:36, Seth Nickell wrote:
> 2) Editing - I'm not sure I agree that the MacOS/X palette-based toolbar
> customization mechanism is better suite to single toolbars.

	Ok - so, one thing about merging the XML is that it's not really
possible to specify ordering. Thus Drag and Drop may have some slightly
odd semantics - the item would have to find the default placeholder for
that toolbar eg.

	When you step back and look at it, there is no particularly good reason
why we need to complicate people's lives by showing them the
placeholders - and/or letting them nudge toolbar / menu items [ outside
of toolbars they exclusively created ] around; so I've reconciled myself
to that.

	Not that that miltiates against a D&D view of it all but - just so
people know. If it's not obvious why this is so; consider the merging of
3 sets of UI description into the same tree, and how the order of the
items could sensibly be manipulated.

> 3) Priority text - Maciej has largely convinced me that priority text is
> not a good idea. I think it was good to experiment with

	Are MS still experimenting with it ? I tend to disagree, since I like a
larger hit area for Send/Receive in my mailer - but I'll defer to the
wider consensus of UI people - if indeed, there is one - beyond
your/(and Maciej)'s feeling.

	Good comments though,



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