Re: Independent image loaders in gdk-pixbuf

There are a few reasons why I think having a way of retrieving reader/writer information would be useful in at least the :

1) A "filter" menu added to an open and/or save dialog
2) Runtime discovery of supported types
2.a) Could be extended to help out nautilus icons
2.b) Could be useful for clipboard interaction

You could make this a struct, even, which might contain:
*) mime-type (image/jpeg)
*) format name (JPEG)
*) common suffix(es) (jpg jpeg)
*) description (Blah Blah....)

I'd rather not have a hardcoded list of image formats Abi is willing to accept from the clipboard (assuming that declaring that I'll accept an image/png target on the clipboard is not too verboten, especially since I just convinced the Gimp guys to post data to the Clipboard). I'd much rather generate that list at runtime.


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