Re: launch feedback status update

On 21 Sep 2002, Rodney Dawes wrote:

> There isn't much to figure out. xalf already does it. It just does it
> with evil preload hacks, instead of patching X. A patch to X would
> just merge a cleaned-up version of xalf into the actual code, so that
> the preload wouldn't be needed anymore. Once the bugs are ironed out
> of xalf, it works quite well. In fact, there are only two real issues
> left now, and they have to do with su-type programs, and things which
> screw with LD_PRELOAD in a wrapper shell script, which just iterates

Patching X is positively more evil than any PRELOAD hack can ever strive
to be. 

> the evilness of preloading. Though, if we could get an X patch, and
> RH/YDL/etc... provided it in their packages for now, it wouldn't be
> hard to get it into the actual X tree, and have nice launch feedback.
> Presumably, you could also do something at the toolkit level, like
> KDE does, to provide nice icons (1-bit alpha png icons, and animations),
> instead of the default X cursors. But then again, it would also be
> nice to be able to just override the default ugly X cursors with nice
> ones anyway. :)


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