Re: launch feedback status update

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> > But it also has problems: To do "sparkle" or icon animation feedback,
> > the launch feedback program needs to overlay another client's window
> > > The _NET_LAUNCH_INITIATE message should be sent _before_ launching the
> > > launchee. Also, an XFlush() is needed before launching the launchee.
> >                      ^^^^^^
> > This would be an XSync(), right?
> I'm not sure.

The FIXME is right ... since the message is being sent in band as a 
ClientMessage, neither an XFlush() or an XSync() is needed. If it was
sent out-of-band, it would need to be a XSync(), since otherwise
the window creation could have been sent to the X server but not
yet processed.


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