Re: GEP 6: Toolbar

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 12:51:38PM +0800, James Henstridge wrote:
> >>  2.8 Compatibility Concerns
> >>
> >>Compatibility with the existing |GtkToolbar| is desirable, as it 
> >>eliminates the need to deprecate the widget.
> >>   
> >>
> >I doubt there is much we can really do here given the api/abi freeze
> >in gtk+ and gnome.  The existing api and its associated semantics
> >must continue to exist until 3.0.  Although Bonobo's toolbar usage
> >is wrapped in xml we are not completely free to substitute in
> >another implementation.  Bonobo has different semantics for some of
> >its callbacks (eg toggle items which fire before vs after the state
> >change is registered).  It seems wasteful to blur the api by adding
> >magic 'send the signal the bonobo way vs oldgtk way'
> >
> Do you directly connect to signal handlers on the bonobo toolbar items? 
> If not, it might still be possible to maintain bonobo's behaviour.  The 
> toggle button example you give is simply a case of connecting to the 
> toggled signal with or without the G_SIGNAL_CONNECT_AFTER flag.
This is area where bonobo's nifty xml wrapper works against us.  
Bonobo makes the connection with the signal handler.  Hence the
application is left receiving a signal from the ui in different
states depending on the toolkit.  I suppose if the callback
signatures where different this would be less of an issue, because
we'd need custom handlers anyway.
> I haven't really looked at doing any special sensitivity handling in the 
> EggToolbar prototype, so standard GTK sensitivity handling would control 
> things.
As long as the toolbar behaves the way a gtk container does rather
than the bonobo toolbar we're all set. 

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