Re: GEP 6: Toolbar

Andres Salomon wrote:

Overall, it looks like a very clean solution.  I would love to see what
you have planned for GtkToolItem.


The option to iterate over the list of toolitems would remain, I would hope..

Well, the tool items are simply children of the toolbar. You can iterate over them with gtk_container_foreach(). As far as iteration APIs go, it might be nice to have something like Joel Becker's GIterator available ...

How about an "align" enumeration, in each GtkToolItem; normal/middle, left,
and right?  GtkToolBar reminds me a lot of an HTML table row; being able
to specify alignment, the number of cells a toolitem will take up,

Can you be a bit more specific about this? Is there a particular layout you are trying to achieve?

There's another option as well; have the toolbar be a scrolled window,
w/ GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC for vertical/horizontal scrollbar.  Any overflow
(horizontal or vertical) will cause the creation of scrollbars.  I like
the idea of this better than an arrow button, as the arrow may be missed
w/ a cursory glance.  I'm not familiar w/ bonobo, so I'm not sure what
the panel would look like, but I would think scrollbars would be obvious
and non-intrusive (but not necessarily pretty).

This could be difficult to implement, as it requires height-for-width style geometry management, which isn't handled well in GTK+ (as you shrink the width of the toolbar, at some point you would need to increase the height to accomodate the scrollbar).

My personal opinion here is that there is more value in doing what other systems do here. It is a reasonable behaviour, and will help users who move between platforms. I will have to get the opinion of the usability folks on this one.

If you want an example of the bonobo behaviour, Gnumeric has fair sized toolbars and uses Bonobo, so you could try resizing a Gnumeric window to make its toolbar overflow.


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