GdkEventButton - spacebar?

Hi guys.  I've ran into a quirk in a program of mine where I have a double click callback for a clist.  The double click works fine, however, if I tab and select an item in the list with the spacebar I get a seg fault.  For some reason, the spacebar is seen as some type of mouse click, however, when the event->type is accessed in the callback, the seg fault occurs.


Here is the snippet of code where the seg fault occurs:


if(event->type != GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS)



gtk_clist_get_text(GTK_CLIST(widget), row, 1, &text);



I am positive that the if statement is where the seg fault occurs.  If I comment out the if it works fine with the spacebar, but the mouse and spacebar only require a single click.  Is this a situation where the event->type is undefined b/c the spacebar isn't a mouse click, and if so, how could I check to make sure that the spacebar being pressed was not what evoked the callback?


Forgot to add, the callback is the "select_row".


Thanks guys!

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