default zoom widget?

Hey, while poking at nautilus bugs, the whole zoom widget issue came up again, and I was wondering what was going on (or not going, as the case may be) with the thoughts of getting a default zoom widget into gtk. In particular, there doesn't seem to be a bug on this, or discussion or plans on this list. Of course, I could be blind, and have just missed everything, in wich case please beat me about the head with the ClueStick(tm). This would be a really nice thing to get into GTK 2.2 so apps can start standardizing instead of the current mish-mash of custom implementations, but it might already be too late (and certainly shouldn't stop more important things like a kickass file dialo :)). If useful, I'd be happy to summarize the current variety of custom widgets out there, and how they act for the user...


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