Re: New API in 2.0.x ???

On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Sat Oct 12 21:30:41 2002  Tim Janik  <timj gtk org>
> 	* (GLIB_VERSION): up version number to 2.0.7, binary 7,
> 	interface 0.
> 	* glib/gstrfuncs.c (g_ascii_strtod): fix comment.
> 	(g_ascii_strtoull): new function, acting like strtoull(3) in the C
> 	locale.
> 	* glib/gscanner.[hc]: fix 32bit issues with integer parsing and
> 	support storing 64bit values in GTokenValue by
> 	using g_ascii_strtoull().
> I don't understand why these change (except for the 32bit issue) went
> into the glib-2-0 branch. They add new API, so they should be
> in HEAD only.

strictly speaking, we got three API changes in stable CVS.
1) g_type_fundamental_next() returns shifted fundamental IDs now
2) GScanner gained v_int64 and store_int64 fields
3) the addition of g_ascii_strtoull()

(1) is required to get custom fundamental types back to work.
(2) is required to get 64bit scanning working beyond
    sizeof(long)==sizeof(gint64) type systems
(3) is not a necessary addition

with (1) and (2) already causing an interface age drop to 0, i didn't
see much point in leaving (3) as a 2.2 addition.

> Is there a reason that we need to make an exception here? An official 
> glib-2.2 isn't that far away either...
> Thanks,
>                                         Owen


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