Re: How to change "keyboard" focus

> From: "Petro  Verheuvel" <pverheuvel zonnet nl>
> To: <gtk-devel-list gnome org>
> Subject: How to change "keyboard" focus
> Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 22:09:51 +0200
> Hi All,
> Browsing through the archives did not solve my problem, so i am asking you
> now :-)
> I am writing an application (GTK 1.3) using only the keyboard. The selection
> of widgets works just fine. But i find the rectangle indicating the
> selection rather bad. I want this selection to be better visible. Does
> anyone knows how to do this?
> Best regards,
> Petro Verheuvel
Havoc replied:
> Tweak the theme (or override the theme in your .gtkrc-2.0). 
> There's a property for the focus line width I think.
> Something like "GtkWidget::focus-line-width = 5" or whatever.

Yes, you would put this line in the "style" section of your gtkrc file
for the wigets that need bolder focus indication. 

You can also change the focus-line-pattern, I suggest 

GtkWidget::focus-line-pattern = \10\2"

for widgets with thicker focus lines (try focus-line-width = 3 for

The HighContrastLargePrint theme in cvs module "gnome-themes" does this.

best regards,


> Look at gtkwidget.c, search for
> gtk_widget_class_install_style_property()
> calls.
> Havoc


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