Re: doc/ref enchancement request!

I would suggest:

 A) Asking your question gtk-app-devel-list

 B) Once you figure out what you were confused about in the
    docs, file a bug report against 'gtk+/docs' on (You can even include a patch.)


Ali Akcaagac <ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de> writes:

> hello,
> since a couple of days i'm dealing with the gtktree widget and finally i
> decided to write here to request a tad more detailed documentation or
> reference update for gtk+.
> one of the more complicated sections i'm refering to is the iterator
> explainations GtkTreeIter. in the example provided in the reference
> .../gtk-doc/html/gtk/TreeWidget.html
> it is explained that if you want to gtk_tree_store_set values in a
> different row then you need to apply the child to its parent iterator
> gtk_tree_store_append (store, &iter1, NULL); <-- the very first iter.
> gtk_tree_store_append (store, &iter2, &iter1) <-- the child pointing to
>                                                   its parent
> now the problem here is that the reference shows an easy model where you
> simply apply new code to the bottom for more children
> gtk_tree_store_append (store, &iter3, &iter2) <-- the child pointing to
>                                                   its parent
> gtk_tree_store_append (store, &iter4, &iter3) <-- the child pointing to
>                                                   its parent
> and so on. this is for sure good to explain how it works, to make it
> visible for those to learn more about the gtktree. but now let's assume,
> and that's the issue i am hitting myself right now, that you don't know
> how many children you need. let's say you want to deal with a filesystem
> that has an unknown depth. you will agree to me that you can't hardcode
> let's say 1000 children within the code. not to mention that this is in
> no way readable and not to mention that this is not necessary. it would
> be necessary (and this is my personal opinion here) to add a little
> section that explains howto add a number of unknown iterations to such a
> tree for easier understanding. here a little pseudocode example:
> iter contains the value 10 for example telling you that you want to
> store str1 into the 10th row of the store.
> void iteration_set_value (guint        iter,
>                           const gchar *str1);
> {
>   guint itercount = 1;
>   const GtkTreeIter iter1 = NULL;
>   const GtkTreeIter iter2 = NULL;
>   while (itercount < iter) {
>     itercount++;
>     iter2 = iter1;
>   }
>   gtk_tree_store_append (?????,
>                          &iter1,
>                          &iter2);
>   gtk_tree_store_set (store,
>                       &iter1,
>                       TITLE_COLUMN,
>                       str,
>                       -1);
> }
> oki something like this, i know this example is pure crap but this was
> my first idea i got. i'm still dealing with the tree widget and right
> now i hardcoded 10 iterations into my code which looks like crap too.
> it's for sure a matter of time until i figure out a correct way in doing
> this (by continue reading the gtk+ examples and the reference manual)
> but for the long run it may be necessary to add such an example into the
> reference or the tutorial (last named lacks explaination of the tree
> completely). recursive retriving of values is no problem (once the tree
> has been build) but building the tree with unknown iterations is a
> problem. - at least right now as i see it (maybe it's unexpirience by
> not enough reading of the api).

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