Re: Independent image loaders in gdk-pixbuf

I have finally delivered the "independent image loaders" patch to gtk HEAD 
(and shortly after that, the svg loader has popped up in librsvg. Thanks, 
Dom) It would be nice if people could play around with this some more; 
there is even some documentation in the gdk-pixbuf API reference under 
"Extending GdkPixbuf". 

In order for the new format-listing-and-information API to become truely 
useful, I need feedback on appropriate mime types and file extensions and 
some better descriptions. The descriptive texts in cvs right now are 
mostly "The XYZ image format" which seems not very useful. Of course, the 
appropriate length and content of the text depends a lot on the intended 
use. Dom, Alex, since you proposed that addition, what would you want to 
see there ? 


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