Re: GtkCellRenderer & edited callback passes wrong cell?

jeff <jeff hype52 com> writes:

> hi, im working with some code off of the gtk-demo,using the edited callback with the function:
> void cell_edited (GtkCellRendererText *cell, const gchar *path_string, const gchar *new_text, gpointer data)
> while testing i was doing something like g_print ("old text: %s new text: %s\n", cell->text, new_text);
> if you edit a cell, and after you are done hit enter it works as expected...
> however... if you edit a cell and click once on another (editable) item in the list, it passes the cell you clicked as *cell. (make sense? say i had a list of 1, 2, 3, 4, if i edited 1, changing the text to "one" then clicked 3, cell->text would be "3")
> is this by design or is it a bug or ??
> please cc me any replies as im not subscribed to the devel list.

It's generally best to bugs (or possible bugs) to the as mentioned in the README. This guarantees that
the problem won't be lost.

A test case helps bugs get processed quickly.


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