Re: gtk_statusbar_push_markup()

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

>   void	(*text_pushed)	(GtkStatusbar	*statusbar,
> 			 guint		 context_id,
> 			 const gchar	*text);
>   void	(*text_popped)	(GtkStatusbar	*statusbar,
> 			 guint		 context_id,
> 			 const gchar	*text);

> Patch attached.
> Opinions? Anybody ever use these signals? Anybody have any
> idea why they are there?

for notification. the text is passed in since it is (or "was", since
there could be markup now) the obvious operation related data argument
(and could be of paractical use, say you'd log application status into
a log file).

that being said, i wouldn't recommend use of GtkStatusbar nowadays, i haven't
found the concepts it introduces to be of much practical use, and
encountered requirements for status bar implementations that GtkStatusbar
doesn't remotely account for (it's context realted stack keeping is not
one of them). so effectively, i'd rather see it deprecated than

> Thanks,
>                                         Owen


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