Re: My take icon icon resizing

Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes:

> On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 15:03, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > I've checked in a fix for this to gnome-themes ... could you see if
> > it fixes your problem?
> Thanks Owen-- this does indeed fix most of the problems (but why doesn't
> the parser just skip tokens that it doesn't recognise, or at least
> generate a warning? :/ )

The problem is that the RC file may be parsed before all the icon
sizes that it configures are registered, so it needs to store
unrecognized for future use instead of warning about them.
> There is one important behaviour from Brian's original patch that yours
> doesn't replicate though-- when I change back to a regular theme from a
> large print theme, the icons don't get smaller again because the regular
> themes don't specify an icon size.  Was this intentional?  
> (Brian can explain how his patch worked, but I assume he set the sizes
> back to the default gtk sizes if they weren't explicitly specified in
> the rc file).

Are you really sure that this worked for Brian's original patch?
I believe I know the bug that is causing this, but it should affect
Brian's original patch as well.

(The bug is that when you reparse RC files, previously set settings 
don't get cleared)


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