Re: Pango-1.0.2 released

James Su <suzhe gnuchina org> writes:

> Hi,
> I cannot use pango along with freetype 2.1.0! Here is the error message:
> ** ERROR **: file pangoxft-font.c: line 738 (pango_xft_font_get_font):
> assertion failed: (charmap != face->num_charmaps)
> It's OK to use with freetype 2.0.9
> Is it a pango problem? Or it's a bug of freetype 2.1.0?

It's a bug in some font you have (most likely the Red Hat 'ttfonts'
package which contains fonts from OpenOffice, just remove it, they
are atrociously ugly anyways.)

 - Maybe FT should not die on these fonts, though when I looked at them
   they looked pretty darn busted.

 - Pango should obviosuly do something better than dying with an 
   assertion failure.

   (The problem is that FreeType tells it one things, then after actually
   trying to access the charmaps, tells it something else.)


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