Re: Resizing problem

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 12:14:27AM -0700, Reham Younis wrote:
> I am using a GtkWindow on which I am placing a
> GtkFixed ,and then a menu bar with menu items.
> The problem is that when I resize the window (make it
> bigger) , the widgets above dont get resized too. Is 
> this a problem with GtkFixed? 
> BTW, I am using GTK v 1.2.

	Please direct all questions about developing *with* GTK+ to
gtk-list gnome org   gtk-devel-list is for discussing the development
*of* GTK+.
	That said, GtkFixed is as it states, Fixed.  It doesn't change,
so resizes do not have any effect.  You should not be using GtkFixed.
Look at GtkBox and its children, GtkHBox and GtkVBox.



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