Re: Review of patch for #79974, #79961, #79959

Erwann Chenede <Erwann Chenede Sun COM> writes:

> > Either your screen has only one monitor,
> > or it has more than one monitor. One monitor is just the trivial special
> >case of "Xinerama", whether or not the extension is actually supported.
> Yes, but running this test app on a multi screen machine without xinerama support,
> you'll get this warning, which is a bit odd when you have (like me) two or more 
> separate screens on a single display.

What if the warning was 

 "The default screen of the current display only has one monitor"

? Though, as you say, it's just a warning in a test program, 
(When it g_error()'ed out when there was only display it was more of a


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