Re: control arrow to move focus

> > Murray Cumming wrote:
> > > 
> > > Holding down the control key while using the arrow keys "moves focus" in
> > > GTK+. I'm not really sure what this is supposed to do.

I believe it's supposed to do just that, "move focus", as opposed to
"change selection".

> > Generally, arrowkeys are used for fine-grain focus movement, and
> > Ctrl+arrowkeys for a higher level of focus movement.  For example, in
> > GtkTextView, arrowkeys move cursor one letter (left/right) or one line
> > (up/down) at a time, and Ctrl+arrowKeys move it one word
> > (Ctrl+left/Right) or one paragraph (Ctrl+Up/Down) at a time.
> > 
> > > For instance, in the gtk-demo, ctrl-arrow in the left-hand TreeView
> > > moves an outline rectangle up and down the rows, but this doesn't seem
> > > to be useful for anything. In the Dialog and Message Boxes example,
> > > ctrl-arrow has exactly the same effect as arrow - it just moves the
> > > selection to the next widget.
> > 
> > Where there is no sensible 'higher level' of focus movement,
> > Ctrl+arrowkeys just does the same as unmodified arrowkeys.
> The the TreeView seems to be broken in this respect. Have you tried it?

What are you seeing as broken?  Ctrl-arrow moves focus just fine in my
gtk+, has there been a recent regression?
Calum asked:

> > How would you like to use it specifically?
> If I remember correctly, the plan was to use Ctrl-Down to open the
> selected item, like on the Mac.

Unfortunately that conflicts with the present usage.  We need some
degree of consistency here, for accessibility if not for other
usability-related reasons.

best regards,


> Ctrl-Alt-Down would open the selected item in the same window (or in a
> new one, depending on your preference - basically Alt would just toggles
> the preference). Here's the bug, though it contains a lot of crap:
> -- 
> Murray Cumming
> murrayc usa net

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