Re: GtkComboBox design -- first draft


Some questions to consider:

 - if I have the wacky notebook-in-the-dropdown combo box, 
   and the simple option menu combo box, what is the 
   shared part of the implementation? Of the interface?

 - Should implementation sharing mean inheritance?  If find that
   composition (has-a) or utility functions are often better
   approaches to that. Inheritance should involve shared 

 - If the shared interface is small relative to the entire interface
   for each object, perhaps the shared part (if it's even useful)
   should be a GInterface, and there should be no inheritance?

A random observation:
 - I haven't installed Office XP yet, but looking at the color combo
   in (I think) Word 2000, it is much simpler than the Gnumeric one
   (it has only a tearoff menu item, then the color grid). It behaves
   and looks like the win2k menus.

A concern:
 - I think the normally-used API for text/pixbuf menus needs to be as
   simple as the API for GtkOptionMenu or the Qt equivalent. Or even
   simpler, ideally - append_text/append_stock methods rather than
   creating menu items.


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