Re: GtkComboBox design -- first draft

The point is that we want to have both menu-style and list-style in the
same widget, with the same API. A style-property determines whether the
menu-style or list-style will be used. Because of this we can't put the
list-style combo in a derived class.

I don't know; that precludes the icon combo box that's in GtkExtra+. What you want to do is define the list compound widget (dialog), the menu-style compound widget, the grid of iconic buttons as factory objects; put together a well-defined API/behavior contract between the "dialog" widgets and the combobox manager. Then allow us to put together widgets that implement the combobox API and plug it as the dialog widget.

With that in mind, the same has the be considered for the Entry widget and the pulldown button.

1. My GtkMutant Combobox allows for multiple items to be selected, and pushed into the Entry as a flattened list, separated by commas. So entry validation, display, and lightlighting of items in the list differs.

2. If an iconic combobox (often used to select foreground/background colors), the "Entry" widget really is an iconic button. But there's no reason to believe that you could not find a multiselect use case for images.


Towards that end, I've been thinking of what a 3-D Entry widget would look like. The "tabbed notebook" is one, except for the size of tabs being prohibitive. The motif of somebody holding a deck of playing cards ("pick a card; any card"). Or an Entry widget that resembles a tablet of paper; a heavy shadow on the right side appears; when you click on it, the "next" value appears. Sort of like thumbing through a book...


The one thing that I want to do, however, is to have distinct and separate callback-handling responsibilities between the popup dialog, the "value" widget (currently the Entry, that contains the value(s) of what is selected), and the popup/down button, which is currently kept to the left of the Entry. The current widget events being blocked, others being synthesized, and the chain of responsibility a little blurred.

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