[announce] GtkSpell 2.0.0 for GTK+ 2.x


I've written GtkSpell to work with GtkSpell 2.0.  A preliminary release
is available and seems to work.  I'm especially curious if I got the
pkg-config stuff right, so any and all information regarding successful
installion is welcome.

What is GtkSpell?
GtkSpell provides MSWord/MacOSX-style highlighting of misspelled words
in a GtkTextView widget as you type. Right-clicking a misspelled word
pops up a menu of suggested replacements.

GtkSpell for GTK 1.2 was the spell checker found in such popular GTK apps
as GAIM, Everybuddy, and LogJam (heh).  Thanks to a new dependency on
pspell (a spell-checking library) and GTK's Pango (which handles the word
breaking), the GtkSpell 2.0 code is much simpler and hopefully less buggy.

It is also noticeably faster than GtkSpell 1.2, and flicker-free.

For a screenshot, download, and sample code, visit

...or, um, for a picture of it in real-world use, try

  cc `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkspell-2.0` program.c -o program 
seems to work fine, at least on my system, but if any pkg-config gurus
want to look at my autoconf/automake files I'd appreciate it.

      Evan Martin
martine cs washington edu

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