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Hi Anders, a GtkIconList widget has been part of gtkextra for a couple of
years already, and it's being used by a large number of people. Although
it is quite primitive, it supplies the basic features. I find your work
very interesting, as I haven't been able too keep up with the development
and enhancement of my widget. However, we may have a conflict of names and
APIs and I wonder how we can fix this. I've always been willing to give up
my gtkiconlist when a better widget comes up to replace it, and this may
be it, or maybe not. Tell me if you feel like willing to merge both
widgets to unify the API, of if you have a better idea. Also if 
you are willing to include it as part of gtkextra (keeping your 
rights as developer, of course) until the main gtk team decides 
what to do. These are some ideas, but suggestions from the devel team are
very welcome. Best regards, 

On 28 Mar 2002, Anders Carlsson wrote:

> Hello,
> for some time I've been working on a new icon list widget, targeting
> gtk+ 2.4 or possibly gtk+ 2.6. Screenshots are available at
> I have attached the header file and would appreciate any
> comments/questions. A Simple code snippet that creates an icon and adds
> it to the icon list could look like this:
> GtkWidget *icon_list;
> GtkIconListItem *item;
> icon_list = gtk_icon_list_new ();
> item = gtk_icon_list_item_new (icon_list, icon, label);
> gtk_icon_list_set_row_data (icon_list, row_data);
> gtk_icon_list_append_item (icon_list, item);
> (I realize now that I don't think we should have a GtkIconList *
> argument to gtk_icon_list_item_now; you first create the item and then
> insert it into the icon list.
> Currently there are some other issues that I haven't yet tackled, those
> are:
> * Drag and drop, the implementation has some simple drag-checking code
> but does nothing.
> * Icon layout. How flexible should the icon layout be? Currently it
> handles different icon sizes. Is that necessary? What should we do if an
> icon label is too wide, how should it be wrapped then? I would also like
> to have a top-to-bottom icon layout mode (I know QT and Windows does
> this) and also a text-beside-icons layout mode (Again, both QT and
> Windows does it).
> * Memory management of items. I think we want to make them ref-counted,
> so gtk_icon_list_item_{ref|unref} should be added.
> References:
> QIconView -
> System.Windows.Forms.ListView -
> (I've also put up what I've done so far on
> Anders

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