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From: Richard A. Hogaboom <hogaboom ll mit edu>
To: gale gtk org
Subject: Glib Contribution - Dynamic Array Allocator
Date: 26 Mar 2002 09:43:32 -0500


I've written a flexible dynamic array allocator that might be of
interst for inclusion in Glib.  See www.embedded.com Dec. 2000
article.  It's based on the pointer to pointer to ... model, has
arbitrary dimension starting subscripts, can allocate anything
that can be sizeof()'ed, allows subroutine modifiability of the
array or any slice of the array with visibility to the caller,
and does only one malloc() for all data and pointers for locality
of reference for up to 10 dimensional arrays.  I've included a
tar file of the code, and a simple compile script for both Sun cc
and Gnu gcc.  A test suite of 16 tests is inluded with the code,
just compile and execute "daa".  I guess it would need to be
Glib'ized for inclusion.

Richard Hogaboom

MIT / Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood St.
Lexington, MA 02173-9108

voice: (781)-981-0276
fax: (781)-981-3220

hogaboom ll mit edu

P.S. I got your email from www.gtk.org, but have no idea if your

     the right person to email.  Just forward if necessary.

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