Re: GTK+2 crashing at startup

> > Anyone any ideas?
> How would we have any ideas? 
> If it was crashing for us at startup we would have fixed it
> :-)... 

It was almost a rhetorical question. I was hoping the answer was "It
crashed for me at startup, and we fixed it", or "You need to delete your
gtkrc file"

> make sure you don't have GtkXft loaded (the most common cause
> of complete breakage), other than that, you'll just have to build
> a package with debug symbols and debug it.

Well, I traced it all through, ended up with gscanner containing random
garbage for stuff, rebuilt glib and everything was fixed.

sorry for the inconvienence.

"And while we were sleeping they even took our neighbourhoods away, and
everything turned into Disneyland and marionettes and chipboard and

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