Re: ANNOUNCE: pygtk-1.99.8

Am Don, 2002-03-21 um 13.01 schrieb Thomas Leonard:
> - Developers have to write twice as much code, since every Gtk call has to
>   be written in the 1.2 and 2.0 forms.

I haven't had a look at the new pygtk yet but if it is that different to
the old one and you really want the software to work across versions
there's no other possibility.

> - Noone can install 2.0 until every single program has been upgraded to
>   2.0. Therefore, noone will use the 2.0 version for a long time, and
>   developers have no incentive to develop for it.

What about making that pygtk2 and thus allow to have the old and the new
version installed in parallel? James?

> I'm really looking for a language where I can just say "install this
> package and then you can run the program".

Good luck.

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