png loader and text annotations

I just glanced over the png 1.2 spec and noticed that there are actually
three different kinds of text chunks supported: tEXt (for ISO8859-1 
encoded text), 
zTXt  (for compressed IS=8859-1 encoded text) and iTXt (for UTF-8 encoded 

The png loader stores annotations as tEXt chunks, which is ugly, since 
is generally UTF-8 in GTK. Wouldn't it be much more natural to store it as 
iTXt chunk ? From the libpng ChangeLog, it seems as if libpng has iTXt
support since 1.0.5 (Nov 99).

Now I seem to recall that the annotation support in the png loader was 
specifically for the thumbnailing stuff. Looking at the thumbnailing draft 
0.5, it
doesn't mention tEXt specifically, but links to the section about tEXt 
chunks in
the png 1.0 std. I think the thumbnail draft should be clarified to either 
both tEXt or iTXt chunks or require iTXt.


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