Re: Boxed Types

Daniel Elstner <daniel elstner gmx net> writes: 
> Now, I've several questions:

I can only answer some of these...
> Why are copy/free for GtkTextIter public, but not for GdkRectangle?

No special reason probably.
> If a struct can be assigned, is it guaranteed that this won't change in
> a future version?

Yes. GtkTextIter will always have the same semantics.

> Currently, no GTK+ functions return a dynamically allocated
> GtkTextIter.  Is it safe to rely on this?

Probably so, I can't think of why it would change. If it does you can
just do:

 GtkTextIter not_dynamic;
 GtkTextIter *dynamic;
 dynamic = weird_function ();
 not_dynamic = *dynamic;
 free (dynamic);


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