Re: gdk-pixbuf/test-loaders

Matthias Clasen <maclas gmx de> writes:

> What do you think about these changes? IMO it is a lot more convenient
> to just dump test images in directories instead of having to convert
> them to char arrays, add them to a header, and recompile.

I have been thinking the exact same thing. The weird header file is
just annyoing.  I think something like this is a really good idea.
Hopefully, it will result in many more testcases.

Instead of doing what you suggest, why not split the program into four
different ones:

        This program would just consist of the assault() function. It
        should just loop forever feeding random data to the loaders.

        Reads images and reports if it succeeded or failed. Testing
        a lot of valid images would just be "testread validimages/*"

        Opens files given on command line and randomly modifies them

        Uses up almost all memory and tries to read in a file given on
        the command line

I also think this testing should be moved to its own subdirectory
under gtk+/tests.


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