ANNOUNCE: pygtk-1.99.8

I have uploaded a pygtk-1.99.8 tarball, which will work with the 2.0 release of gtk+. It is still not quite release quality, but it is getting there. This release can be downloaded from:

There have been many changes since the last release, including:

   * proper support for G_TYPE_POINTER derivatives (so GtkCTree should
     work again)
   * use getsets for field accessors for boxed types as well.
   * support for providing setters for object/boxed fields (not
     autogenerated at the moment)
   * add support for implementing various slots in the PyTypeObject
   * apply many patches from bugs in bugzilla.
   * make field access for GtkStyle members work the same as in stable
   * include the module name in type names for all the types defined in
     pygtk, so help() doesn't think all the classes are defined in the
     __builtin__ module.
   * provide implementations for more of the pango API.

I haven't yet created a gnome-python tarball to go with the pygtk one, as I was having some problems with orbit-python not behaving quite right (once those are sorted out, a release will be made).


Email: james daa com au

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