On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 04:14:41PM +0100, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
> So can you come up with a patch to GLib The relevant parts
> are in lines 1118-1157. As you see there we already specialcase for
> *-aix-* (using -pthread or -mthread there) *-freebsd-*, *-sysv5uw7* and 
> *-dg-dgux*.
yes, but in one or two weeks

> > mixing DCE and not DCE code can cause strange results (DCE changes semantic of
> > many system calls)
> What do you mean bu DCE here?
"Distributed Computing Environment" born ca 12-14 years ago. It is probably
the first object brokerage full featured system with all concurrecy builtin
(for free). You can find there features missing in another implementations of
object brokerage:
- full concurrency on both server and client side
- idempotent object activation supported by runtime
- multiple server / clients per process
- nested calls
- request parking
- consistant exception system at c level
- no scaling limits. There are distributed systems in production with hundrets
  of dce cells worldwide maintaining many of 100000s accounts.
The concurrency is based on pthread draft 4 with some extensions. It was the
standard at that time. The problem is that draft 4 is not cmpatible to the
todays standards draft 7/draft 10 (an extension of 7).
(As I know) Today there are only four implementations of DCE
- IBM DCE the only all inclusive industry version. IBM supports DCE for IBM
  Operating Systems as AIX, OS/390, ... and Solaris
- HP still ships its own DCE
- Free DCE 1.2 and 1.1 running on Linux and ...?
- Microsoft DCOM/COM is an extension of DCE, so if you carefully design DCOM
  objects as decribed by Microsoft guidlines both can be compatible at idl and
  transport level which is enough to interoperate.

Unfortunatelly for the missing compatibility with current therading standard,
the dce extensions, redefinition of system calls semantic for many system
calls and its own complexity I fear it will disappear in the feature.

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