Dear all,

while trying to compile glib on osf4d I've got errors like the following:
cc: Error: gconvert.c, line 352: In this statement, "cd" and "(iconv_t)-1" may not be compared for equality or inequality.
          if (cd == (iconv_t) -1)
The problem here is that cd is of type GIConv which is declared as
gconvert.h:50:typedef struct _GIConv *GIConv;

struct _GIConv is nowhere declared so the GIConv is a pure typed opaque
pointer type.

In the code GIConv is used as alias for iconv_t. Bot the compiler and the code
will be happy if you declare GIConv this way

typedef iconv_t GIConv;

I'll make a bug report with an apporpriate patch later on

Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann

Base Development and Research
Tel +49-2225-882-291
Fax +49-2225-882-201
E-mail: mne mosaic-ag com

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